Poinsettia for sale in Colchester, Essex

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These beautiful Christmas Poinsettias are available in traditional red and other colours including pink and yellow.

At Poplar Nurseries we take the utmost care of our Poinsettias to ensure that they are kept away from cold areas and draughts, which they do not like at all. 

Your chosen Poinsettia will be carefully wrapped for it's journey home to ensure that cold outdoor weather does not damage the foliage.  Please ask for care instructions when purchasing your Poinsettia to ensure that you get the most enjoyment from your plant. 

Position in bright, but filtered light in a place with a minimum temperature of 13 - 15°C (55 - 59°F).

Allow the surface of the soil to begin to dry out before watering.  This will avoid overwatering, which can damage the plant.  For best results use water that is at room temperature.

Available in a variety of sizes.

Please note this item is currently not available to purchase online. Please always call ahead for stock availability to avoid disappointment.

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