Keep your Lawn Looking Luscious Throughout the Summer

Lawns can sometimes begin to look rather the worse for wear as we reach the height of the summer. The combination of hot weather and the amount of time we spend using the grass for various activities can begin to take it’s toll, however all is not lost because with a simple lawn care programme it will soon be looking healthy again.


Correct and regular mowing is essential. (Mowing is usually carried out mainly between March and October.) Mow twice weekly on average during summer, dropping to once a week during periods of drought.  Mowing at the correct height is equally important to keep the lawn in tip top health.  Approximately 2.5 - 4cm (1 - 1.5in) high is about right for most lawns. The height is better raised to 5cm (2in) for lawns that take a lot of wear and tear and for very shady areas, mow at a height of 7.5cm (3in).  Moss and weeds will soon become established and the grass easily weakened when mowing is too short.  After mowing, lawn edges can be cut with a half-moon edging iron to ensure that they look neat and well-shaped. 


Keep lawns looking lush and green by watering during dry weather.  Use a sprinkler at a cool time of the day, such as early morning or during the evening.  Where ground is very hard, a garden fork can be used to aerate it by spiking to aid water penetration.  It is better to water lawns thoroughly once a week than to only give a light sprinkling daily. 

Lawn Weeds:

A quick application of suitable 4 in 1 lawn care product will eradicate the problem if weeds and moss do become a problem. If weeds are the main problem, then is is best to apply a selective lawn weed killer such as Weedol.  These products are specially formulated to target the weeds without the worry of harming the grass. Always follow the manufacturers instructions.


A high nitrogen summer fertiliser such as Miracle-Gro Water Soluble Lawn Food should be applied if this wasn't done in spring. This will encourage a healthy looking lawn. 

Dealing with Bare Patches:

Lawns with bare patches can look unsightly and weeds and moss will quickly take hold.  Lawn patch repair kits such as Miracle-Gro Patch Magic are the prefect solution to this problem.  With a special blend of seed, feed, coir and a special binder to sop the seed from washing away the first shoots can be seen within just four days.

Patch Magic Dog Spot Repair contains a special blend of salt tolerant grass seed and a neutraliser for making ground suitable for grass to grow again where dogs have caused bare areas.

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