Ornamental Salvias To Attract Pollinators

If you are looking for plants that are easy to grow, flower throughout the summer and attract a range of pollinators including bees and butterflies, then Ornamental Salvias are the perfect choice.  Here at Poplar our colourful ranges of perennial Ornamental Salvias are certainly attracting plenty of visitors!

Salvia Clotted Cream produces rich cream flowers throughout spring, summer and autumn every year.  This delightful hardy perennial has wonderfully sage scented leaves and is ideal for patio pots and garden borders.  It is very easy to grow and will thrive in any well drained soil in sun or partial shade, where it will reach a height of approximately 70cms. 

Above: Salvia Clotted Cream

The spectacular flowers of Salvia Joy cover this plant from top to toe all summer, creating a vibrant splash of colour to brighten any area of the garden with beautiful bicoloured flowers in two shades of pink.  This Salvia grows to approximately 60cms tall and should be planted in full sun in any well drained soil. 

Above: Salvia Joy

Salvia Cool Pink is a beautiful new hybrid with rich pink flowers that have a creamy coloured eye.  Cool Pink is easy to grow and will reach approximately 60cms.  Position in full sun or partial shade in any well drained soil. 

Above: Salvia Cool Pink 

The dramatic blue flower spikes of Salvia Mystic Spires Blue are bourne over dark green flowers and would make a superb addition to containers, beds and borders.  Grow this Salvia in full sun in moist, but well drained soil.  

Above: Salvia Majestic Spires Blue

Care: Keep moist in their first year.  Cut back faded flower stalks to encourage repeat flowering.  May be trimmed lightly in early April to maintain shape.