Growing Success Winter Tree Wash for Sale in Colchester, Essex

Growing Success Winter Tree Wash for sale in Colchester, Essex, at Poplar Nurseries is a totally natural product which works through physical action.

It will control most insects and eradicates both the bug itself and any eggs, thereby preventing infestation when the growing season begins.

You can confidently use Winter Tree Wash on all fruit trees and bushes as well as dormant vines under glass.

Some plants may be susceptible to scorch, so we would recommend treating a small area first if you have any doubts as to suitability.

Treatment should take place between October and December, and then again in late March, before the growing season begins.

For best results apply whilst the prevailing weather conditions are calm and dry.

Size: 450ml.

Available in store only. Not available to purchase online. Please always call ahead for stock availability to avoid disappointment.