Phalaenopsis Orchid or Moth Orchid for Sale in Colchester, Essex

Orchids form one of the largest flowering plant families, exhibiting a huge diversity of form. Buy the Phalaenopsis Orchid or moth orchid for sale in Colchester, Essex, at Poplar Nurseries and keep at a minimum night temperature of 16-19°C (61-66°F.) Good light is recommended, but not direct sunlight. Phalaenopsis should be watered once or twice every week during the growing period from spring to autumn. The compost can almost dry out in between watering, but not completely. Pour water through the pot and tip out any remaining in the saucer or ceramic pot. We always have a good selection of Phalaenopsis in a range of colours.

Available in store only. Not available to purchase online. Please always call ahead for stock availability to avoid disappointment.