How To Choose Your Perfect Christmas Tree

Type And Space 

It’s the time of the year when we all turn our attention to decorating the home for the festive season and the Christmas tree is the central focal point of our displays.  

The choice of a real or artificial tree is, of course, a matter of personal preference and the space available needs to be taken into consideration as well. It is so easy to get carried away and find that when we get home the tree that we have so carefully selected is much too large to fit into the room!  

Real Trees 

(Available from Saturday 25th November)

A real tree is a beautiful centrepiece for the home, bringing a natural charm and a fragrance that perfectly captures the spirit of the festive season.  We take pleasure in carefully unwrapping our treasured decorations, many of which have been collected over the years and hold great sentimental value.  We may even choose to add a few more to our collections while we browse around various Christmas shops.   

Our real trees at Poplar are locally grown in Suffolk by members of the BCTGA (British Christmas Tree Growers Association).  This is important to note because the BCTGA certify that the trees are grown in accordance with their Environmental Code of Practice and are guaranteed fresh.   The Association is dedicated to represent and support growers and to champion British Christmas trees.  

Choosing a Christmas tree is for many a fun family tradition that is an important part of the festivities.  At Poplar Nurseries you will be assured of a warm welcome with our trained staff here to help you find the perfect tree.  Our real Christmas trees are all displayed standing attached to wires so they can be fully viewed.  Once you have selected your tree, a member of staff will remove your tree from the display for you to inspect it fully before it is carefully netted to ensure that your tree is protected for the journey home.  If your vehicle is not large enough to transport your tree, we offer a delivery service – please ask a member of staff when you visit.    

One of our top sellers at Poplar is without doubt, the Nordman Fir as they are slow to drop their needles.  They have a wonderful classic, symmetrical shape with dense branches.  We also stock traditional Norway Spruce trees that are dark green with a conical shape and a strong fragrance.  

When you get your Christmas tree home it is best to keep it outside for as long as possible before taking it into the house.  Cut off 2 – 3 inches from the base and place it into a stand or container of water.  When you take the tree indoors, it is best to try and position it away from radiators. Remember to keep the water levels topped up throughout the festive season.   

We also stock a range of potted live Christmas trees in different varieties – again keep these outside for as long as possible and keep them well-watered when you bring them indoors.   

Artificial trees 

For those who prefer an artificial tree, there are plenty to choose from in lots of varieties and are very realistic looking.  They can be used year after year, are quick and easy to set up and pack away and there’s no need to have to remember to water them.