Potted Christmas Trees Now Available

There’s something very special about a real living Christmas tree. A potted tree will look wonderful when decorated for the festive season and if looked after carefully it can be kept either in its pot outside or planted directly into the garden.  

Caring for your potted Christmas tree:

Real living Christmas trees are only temporary house plants so bring your tree indoors as late as possible and for no more than a fortnight. Never put your tree next to a fire or radiator as this will dry out all the foliage and possibly cause a fire.  It is best to place it in the coolest corner of the room.

Check the soil in the pot at least once a day to make sure it's not too wet or too dry.  Larger trees in warm houses will drink a pint a day. Always make sure the pot has good drainage and isn't sitting in too much water as this will rot the roots.

After the festive season you could plant you tree in the garden.  If you want to dig it up again to use another year remember the tree will have grown a much bigger root system in the ground than it would have done in a pot, so it will require a large pot to accommodate this.              

Alternatively you could keep your tree in a pot in the garden.  Repot into a slightly larger size pot in March using John Innes ericaceous soil.  Keep watered and feed weekly with an all-purpose liquid feed in spring and summer.

You can keep a tree in a pot for a few years, repotting in to a larger pot each year, but by the time the tree is about 1.5m tall the pot needed to keep the tree healthy would be too big to bring in and out of the house as the tree and pot together would be over 2m tall.

A selection of our potted Christmas tree varieties:

Picea Pungens, Blue Spruce - a very ornamental conifer with glaucous leaves and stout orange-brown young shoots.  

Abies Nordmanniana, Caucasian Fir - a large columner tree with tiered branches. Leaves are glossy rich green with white beneath.  Greenish brown cones.