Reintroduction Of Compulsory Face Masks

The government are introducing the compulsory wearing of face masks in shops and on public transport across the UK from Tuesday 30th November 2021 in response to the new Covid-19 variant known as the Omicron variant.  

Restaurants and cafes are exempt from this new rule, however as the safety of our staff and customers are our top priority all restaurant staff will also wear face masks from the above date.  

Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced these changes in a press conference on Saturday 27th November saying that these new rules are temporary and precautionary measures against the new strain of coronavirus and that he is being cautious putting these in place to allow experts to study the new variant.

Once the new rules are agreed upon in the vote by members of Parliament they will then last for at least three weeks when Mr Johnson will review the measures and  decide whether to relax them, tighten them, or keep them the same.  Mr Johnson went on to say that more details will be announced soon by the Health Secretary.  

Some people are unable to wear masks for medical reasons and are therefore exempt, but we ask that those who are able to wear them do so when visiting us at Poplar Nurseries to help keep everyone safe during this difficult time.