Sonya's Travels 3

Sonya Is Our Houseplant Manager And A Very Keen Gardener Who Loves Getting Out And About Visiting Gardens And Places Of Interest. Read On To Find Out More About Sonya’s Recent Visit To Keukenhof In Holland To See The Amazing Tulip Displays:

An early start was required for an amazing day at Kekenhof. We pre-purchased our tickets from the hotel for the bus hop on and off and entry. After a short ferry trip across to the bus station the bus pick up was 9.00am and the journey took nearly an hour, with a drop off for a windmill and tulip trip along the canal. We decided to go straight to Keukenhof as it was a bit chilly. Our bus parked up with many others and people from all walks of life streamed through the gates.

Map in hand we started a clockwise route around the park. I did detour a little from time to time – I can’t help myself if something needs my attention I’m off much to the annoyance of my husband! It’s difficult to plan an exact time to visit, so much depends on what the weather has been doing. We would have come last week, but frankly the thought of coming on a Bank Holiday just didn’t seem like a bright idea. We were probably a little late as some of the tulips had gone over due to the sunny weather, but generally most were still breathtaking with colours snaking their way around the paths. There were so many varieties with some complementing one another and other displays clashed. There truly was something that would appeal to everyone’s taste.

I’m so glad that I visited. Generally I see most of our bulb stock in photos and order them based on this knowledge, but to see them growing with subtle colour you only see up close and personal, different flowering heights and even leaf colour all add up to making your own display special. I feel better informed, very inspired and incredibly lucky to have paid a visit to Keukenhof.

If ever you feel a need for inspiration, maybe go along for a visit, but remember that there are also some beautiful spring gardens here on our own doorstep in the UK as well.

Happy planting!

Feel free to pop in and speak to me in the autumn if you need any advice on your spring bulbs. 

The park opens in March and closes again around the second week of May.

Click here to visit the Keukenhof website.