Sonya's Travels - Kew Gardens

Sonya Is Our Houseplant Manager And A Very Keen Gardener Who Loves Getting Out And About Visiting Gardens And Places Of Interest. Read On To Find Out More About Sonya’s Recent Visit To Kew Gardens.

“Spring is on it’s way, honestly! I’ve been grabbing every moment I can to get out in the garden especially when the sun has made an appearance. 

I am a fair weather gardener. I guess that’s why I love house plants so much – when I can’t get out I can do some indoor gardening.  They are so popular and right on trend at the moment and it’s great to see so many customers excited by them again.

I recently visited Kew, a real old favourite of mine and it seems to get more interesting every year. They were making an orchid display in The Princess of Wales Conservatory. I was impressed to see how they pulled it all together – if you get a chance go and see this beautiful  display. Kew’s Orchid Festival runs from 10th February – 11th March 2018.

There is a Treetop Walkway where you can stroll around in the tree tops and listen out for the parakeets –  you usually hear them before you see them. The walkway is 200 metres long and towers 18 metres above the ground, enabling visitors a rare insight into the complex ecosystem of the forest canopy, a world teeming with birds and insects, lichens and fungi.

The Hive is a unique, multi-sensory experience based on a real beehive. The sounds inside are piped in from a real hive. The bees sound like birds making a type of whistling and clicking noise which is their way of communicating with each other. The Hive really is a wonderful and bazaar experience.

Kew has something to see whatever time of year you go and as the months go on it just gets more interesting. As you can tell I loved my first garden visit of the year –  hope you enjoy yours!”

Kew Gardens has many attractions to explore including the magnificent Palm House, The Princess of Wales Conservatory, Great Broad Walk Border, Arboretum, Treetop Walkway, Great Pagoda, Kew Palace and Royal Kitchens and much more. Follow the link below to visit Kew Gardens website: