Trenchmore Meat and Cider Tasting Event, Thursday 2nd June 2022, 11am - 3pm

  Sustainable produce with a low carbon footprint.

Trenchmore Farm in Horsham believe in good food, grown well.  They are mixed farmers who grow beef, apples, grain and poultry.  The cattle and birds eat the grass and apple pomace, the straw from the wheat is used to bed the cattle and the muck is spread on the fields to help improve the soils and feed the crops. 

A virtuous circle allows Trenchmore Farm to improve the soils and grow more delicious, sustainable food including dry aged beef from their slow grown Sussex crossed Wagyu cattle, cider from their traditional cider apple orchard and heritage wheat, a mixed landrace grown from locally-sourced seeds.

Trenchmore were delighted to have been a finalist for the Sustainable Food Made Good Supplier of the Year Award 2016 and winner of the Sussex Food and Drink Awards Farmers of the Year 2017. 

Silly Moo Cider's name came about because the cows go a little bit silly when they get the chance to devour the apple pomace left behind from pressing the juice!  It is an unusually civilised farmhouse cider that is a marriage of East coast and West Country cider styles.  Trenchmore blend their fully fermented cider with more apple juice to balance it. 

The orchard has over nineteen varieties of traditional cider apple trees - bittersweet, sharp and bittersharp apples, which were planted in 2012. These are blended with apples sourced from English orchards and the gardens of Sussex which are brought to their farm in the autumn to be swapped for cider. 

The cider is made once a year in the autumn and every year the cider is slightly different, reflecting the terroir - its soils, the year's weather and the amazing variety of apples that the swappers bring in.  The exchange rate for the apple swappers is 6kg fruit for a 330ml bottle or pint of cider.

Join us on the 2nd June and sample the cider and a selection of Trenchmore’s meats in our Food Hall.