Helleborus Ice Breaker for sale in Colchester, Essex

A free-flowering perennial plant with cream-white flowers turning greenish as they age, giving it an elegant look that lasts until well into late spring. 

Growth is upright and cluster-forming on this hardy evergreen perennial.

Flower stems will lie flat on the ground soil at freezing temperatures and rise to stand upright again when the temperature is above freezing. 

This winter flowering Helleborus, available at Poplar Nurseries, is ideally suited for use in pots and planters, outside on balconies, terraces and on the doorstep. 

Thrives in any soil, but prefers nutrient-rich, chalky soils that are not prone to water-logging.

Please note this item is currently not available to purchase online. Please always call ahead for stock availability to avoid disappointment.

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