Sweet Wishes for sale in Colchester, Essex

Sweet William is a lightly fragranced Patio Rose that is available from Poplar Nurseries.  It flowers throughout the summer/autumn and is ideal for containers.

Plant in an open, sunny position with free-draining soil.

Roses love organic matter, so mix well-rotted manure, leaf mould or compost into the soil.

Avoid planting where roses have grown before, or transfer fresh soil to site.

Patio roses can be planted in borders or alongside other roses, or in pots and tubs.

Water thoroughly before planting.

For best results feed your rose with fertiliser in spring and again in summer.

Remove faded flowers to encourage speedy repeat flowering.

Prune your rose in March or before new growth by removing any dead or very thin branches and reducing the height by 1/3 to 2/3rds of the previous growth.

Height & spread: 30cm x 35cm (20" x 14").

Available in store only. Not available to purchase online. Please always call ahead for stock availability to avoid disappointment.

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