Timeless Purple for sale in Colchester, Essex

Timeless Purple is a Home Florist Rose with an intense oriental floral fragrance that produces plentiful purple to pink violet flowers for cutting. 

These hardy garden roses available at Poplar Nurseries are ideal for the vase and can be grown in tubs, large pots and direct into the garden. 

To cut flowers for arranging in your vase or table decoration, trim at desired stem length, just above a leaf as soon a the bud shows colour and starts to unfold it's outer petals.   Stand the stem in fresh water after cutting off all leaves except the top one or two.  The flowers should provide beauty and fragrance for several days, depending on the room temperature.

An easy care variety that grows to approximately 80cms.

Available in store only. Not available to purchase online. Please always call ahead for stock availability to avoid disappointment.

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