Add Late Summer Colour To The Garden With Hydrangeas

If you are looking for plants to add late summer colour with long lasting flowers that can be used for drying and flower arranging, then hydrangeas tick all the boxes with their beautiful blooms.  

These small to medium sized shrubs like moist soils that are not prone to water logging in a sunny or lightly shaded position away from cold winds.  As the new spring growth can be prone to frost damage they are best planted away from frost pockets.  

Newly planted hydrangeas should be watered regularly during their first growing season and mature plants will benefit from watering during dry hot weather.  Regular mulching with organic matter will help to reduce moisture loss.  

Step out into our display plant area where we have a large selection of hydrangeas here at Poplar Nurseries.  

Here are three of our favourites: 

Hydrangea macrophylla Dark Angel (above) is absolutely stunning with striking red flowers on complementary red twigs from summer to autumn.


Hydrangea macrophylla Pink (above) with large flat open heads of fertile flowers within a ring of larger attractively conspicuous sterile flowers from mid summer and bright green deciduous glossy foliage.  

Hydrangea macrophylla River Blue (above) produces beautiful large blue flower heads during the summer.  Please note that the blue flowered Hydreangeas tend to stay bluest in acid soil conditions.