Shrubs for Sale in Colchester, Essex

Poplar Nurseries offers a comprehensive A-Z of garden shrubs all year round in a range of sizes. With seasonally inspired displays changing weekly in our garden centre, we aim and try to cater for all our customers.

Whether you are a novice gardener or a plant connoisseur there is sure to be something for every temptation within our range, so visit our nursery in Marks Tey to browse our latest stock. Or for advice from one of our expert team call us on 01206 210 374.

What are shrubs?

Essentially a shrub can be described as a woody plant that has several stems, without one being dominant. They tend to be small or medium-sized plants with bushy and woody stems and are usually less than 3 metres (approximately 10 feet) tall.

Because of the variety of colour and structure they bring to a garden design, shrubs are a long-standing favourite of gardeners and at Poplar Nurseries you will find a wide-ranging choice to help fit exactly the right spot in your garden.

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When is the right time to prune shrubs?

Most often, the best time to prune shrubs is immediately after flowering. While pruning your shrubs, take care to remove any old flowers and cut back to any areas of the shrub where there are still healthy, outward-facing buds. You should also look to remove any areas of the shrub that appear damaged or diseased as well as any old wood or more unsightly growth.

The more severely you prune back your shrub, the stronger you can expect new growth to come back. The best time for significant pruning is late winter through to early spring, just before the point when new growth is set to begin.