Pond Plants for Sale in Colchester, Essex

Our range of pond plants can give visual interest to a pond, encourage wildlife and can help keep water clear. Choosing the right pond plants greatly adds to your enjoyment of the pond as well as that of visiting or resident wildlife.

If you need answers to questions about what’s best for your pond, or to find a wide choice of pond plants, make sure you visit Poplar Nurseries just outside Colchester, located on Coggeshall Road, Marks Tey. You can also call the team on 01206 210 374.

Visit us for a selection of aquatic and pond plants

To help all aspects of your pond flourish, selecting the right aquatic and pond plants for your ecosystem is absolutely essential. At Poplar Nurseries, you can speak to our experienced team, who will be happy to talk you through the wide selection of plants available and determine what the best choice is for you.

We stock a variety of pond plants, including water lilies, marginals, oxygenators and floating plants, so whatever type of pond you have and whatever type of plants you need, Poplar Nurseries has the answer.

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How to plant pond plants

If your pond has a liner, place your marginal plants in aquatic containers with lattice work sides. Locate your plant so that it is at the same depth in the lattice basket as it was in its pot, then fill in with an aquatic compost, pressing down to firm in around the plant.

Make sure you use special aquatic compost which will release nutrients slowly, preventing nutrients passing into the water, which will in turn encourage algae. Also cover the surface of the compost with a layer of washed gravel to keep the compost in place.