Lawn Care in Colchester, Essex

A well-manicured lawn is a British tradition nowadays and here at Poplar Nurseries, we are experts in lawn care in Essex and can provide the essentials you need to maintain a lush, green and dandelion-free lawn.

There is help at hand for those of us wanting to cultivate our lawn for just a couple of hours a week. These products will help to green up your lawn in no time and help reduce weeds. Please ask a member of our trained staff if you require further assistance.

Line up of market-leading lawn care products

There is no excuse for your lawn not to look its best these days thanks to all the latest lawn treatments on the market, with a huge range of products available to keep your lawn clear of weeds, neatly trimmed, and a healthy, lush green.

Poplar Nurseries is the perfect location to choose from an extensive line up of market-leading lawn care products within Essex. With all you need to get your lawn in great shape, the knowledgeable and experienced team can point you in the right direction so you find exactly the right product for you.

Brands We Stock

Our expert lawn care tips

You will find all you need to care for your lawn at Poplar Nurseries, including friendly staff ready and able to answer all your questions and provide top lawn care tips. With a wide range of market-leading lawn care products in stock, such as Westland Lawn Feed, Weed and Moss Killer and Evergreen Complete 4 in 1, select the products you need to help your lawn thrive as weeds die off, patches are filled and the grass takes on a lush green colour.

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