Grow your Own Products for Sale in Colchester, Essex

At Poplar Nurseries we have an extensive range of Grow Your Own Products for sale in Colchester, Essex, to suit both professional and amateur enthusiasts. No longer do you need acres of land or a large garden as produce can be grown in containers on the patio, windowsills or even on balconies. We offer a full range of seed and plant raising equipment including: seed trays / cell inserts, rigid trays / gravel trays, potting on pots, peat pots. fibre pots, seed and cutting trays, root trainers, propagators, widgers for seed transplanting, dibbers, plant labels, marker pens, soil testers, Min/Max thermometers, propagation thermometers. We are also stockists of Stewart Plastics “Bioflower” pots, which are available in a range of sizes.

Vegetable Planters:

A versatile range of low cost containers designed to use almost anywhere – no garden required, ideal for patios and balconies, and they really work.

Hanging strawberry and tomato planters made from tough U.V coated polypropylene to ensure a long life span.  They are also excellent to use for herbs and flowers.

Re-usable grow bag – Made from tough polypropylene these large growbags allow for greater water and nutrient capacity to allow for improved plant growth and crop production.  Ideal for the growing of tomatoes, vegetables and herbs.

Summer vegetable planter – Ideal for the growing of deep rooting crops such as carrots, French beans, leeks and onions.

Salad and herb planter – Perfect for lettuce, radish, beetroot, spring onions and small annual herbs.

Pea and bean planter – Suitable for runner beans, sweet peas and other vigorous annual climbers.

Tomato and pepper planter – Holding a large capacity of compost to allow for greater water and nutrient capacity to allow for improved plant growth and crop production.

Table top trugs – Elevated wooden benches built with deep planting reservoirs for holding a high volume of soil and compost.  Ideal for the keen but less able gardener, taking away all the bending and backache!

Potato barrels and bags  – An ideal way to grow a small tasty crop of spuds but without all the digging.


We always have a range of products available for protecting salad and other vegetable crops from harsh weather and insects which include: wooden growhouses,wooden cold frames, smaller polytunnels, sun tunnels, cloches, raised growing beds, netting, fleece, micromesh, greenhouse shading and bubble wrap available on bulk rolls and ready to cut to your required length. Additionally stocked are compost bins, which are available in durable green plastic as well as a more traditional timber slat crate.