Bedding Plants for Sale in Colchester, Essex

Bedding plants have been fashionable since Victorian times providing colourful seasonal displays in gardens, parks and other public spaces.  They can be used in beds, borders, containers and hanging baskets and can be grown from seed or purchased as pot grown or multi-packs from our large Bedding House here at Poplar.  

Many people choose to change their bedding displays seasonally and there’s always plenty to choose whenever you decide to start.  In early spring look out for plenty of early primroses and other spring bedding plants.  During late spring and early summer our Bedding House is at it’s fullest with masses of summer bedding plants including Geraniums, Fuchsias, Petunias and Diascia etc.  (Please bear in mind that all of these varieties of summer bedding plants will require protection from any late frosts.)  As the summer progresses look out for our jumbo bedding plants which can be used to great effect to fill in any gaps in the garden or perhaps an extra planted container to add a splash of instant colour.  

As the summer draws to a close and autumn approaches the autumn and winter bedding plants then become available to ensure that you can create colourful displays throughout the darker months.

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