Garden Wildlife Supplies

Our gardens are home to many native species of wildlife that call this space their home, so Poplar Nurseries has a great range of supplies to help conscientious gardeners protect and provide for these inhabitants.

Enjoying the wildlife in your garden can help bring us a little closer to nature whilst benefiting the environment around you too. You would be amazed just how many visitors you get! Why not take a moment for yourself amongst the wonderful wildlife?

Poplar Wildlife
Range of wildlife friendly products

From hedgehog food to bee houses, Poplar Nurseries is home to a wide range of wildlife-friendly products that help to boost the natural eco-systems of our gardens and the green spaces beyond them.

Our helpful team will happily help to guide you to the resources you need to enable you to nurture the environment and care for your garden in a wildlife-friendly way.

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Making your garden wildlife friendly

Transforming your garden into a haven for wildlife often only takes a few delicate tweaks to planting, pest control or the way you present your garden.

Poplar Nurseries’ expert staff can help you take the right steps to make your garden more wildlife friendly. Whether you need guidance to find the right plants for bees and butterflies or you need top tips on how to attract bird life into your garden, the team can help you protect wildlife in your garden.