Mediterranean Plants for Sale in Colchester, Essex

At Poplar Nurseries we source a large proportion of our Mediterranean plants directly from Italy, allowing us to offer a range of hardy palms, olives, cordylines and phormiums with sizes to suit all budgets and requirements.

Head to our garden centre on the A120 just outside Colchester to pick up the right plant for you.

Stocking a selection of hardy Mediterranean plants

Poplar Nurseries is home to a wide selection of hardy Mediterranean plants, with a fantastic choice available for gardeners to browse and purchase.

This wide range of plants include varieties such as robust palms, olives, cordylines and phormiums. The team at Poplar Nurseries will lead you through the options and help you pick the best plants for you.

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The best Mediterranean plants for UK gardens

Poplar Nurseries has been helping gardeners in Essex add some Mediterranean flair and style to their garden for many years. Some of the best Mediterranean plants for the UK climate include Mediterranean herbs, like rosemary, and cypress trees, providing evergreen colour and tolerating dry conditions.

Similarly, olive trees and palms, while synonymous with that distinctive Mediterranean landscaping, can also be incredibly successful when planted in the UK, giving your garden an added quality and sense of chic.