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With outside dining becoming ever more popular, there has never been a better excuse for investing in a proper barbecue. At Poplar Nurseries we stock a broad range of gas and charcoal BBQs for sale in Colchester Essex, including BBQ tools and accessories, charcoal and bottled gas. If you are an aspiring foodie, then you’ll find everything you need to elevate your BBQ game.

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What are the best BBQs?

We are delighted to offer you BBQs from the leading suppliers in the market, including Weber BBQs, LeisureGrow BBQs and Wood Fire Grills. We also hold regular BBQ events to help you perfect your next barbecue at home and get top tips from BBQ experts representing world-leading brands. Take a look through just some of our outdoor cooking equipment below or visit our store to purchase your next BBQ and be the envy of your friends and family.

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Are gas BBQs the right ones to buy?

Choosing whether to buy a gas or a charcoal BBQ is a matter of personal preference. Gas BBQs are a convenient option as you easily fire them up in seconds and control the temperature easily to be able to cook your food to perfection. In comparison, charcoal-fired BBQs take more preparation time as you need to get the BBQ alight and wait for it to cool to a suitable cooking temperature.