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Pets are of the family and they deserve to be pampered too. From toys and treats to haircare and odour neutralisers, treating your furry friends to a gift now and then won’t go un-noticed, and what beats that happy little face?

Here at Poplar, we love our pets – and we know you love yours, too. Show them just how much, by heading to the pet department of our shop where you can discover a variety of different pet beds and toys to treat your furry companion.

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Discover our variety of pet beds and toys

A new bed for your dog or cat will make sure they have somewhere soft and cosy to lay their heads after a long day of family fun, allowing them to rest in luxury and comfort. Toys offer great enrichment, exercise and fun for pets, as well as being a great way for you to bond with them – browse the range of cat and dog toys today to find something squeaky, feathery, or bouncy that you know they’ll enjoy.

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How to clean a pet bed

When you make a choice for your cat or dog’s new favourite sleeping spot, make sure you know how to clean a pet bed to keep them hygienic and comfy for as long as possible. Many options are available with removal covers that can be machine washed, but others may require hand washing following a good vacuum clean; ensure to check the instructions when you purchase.

Make sure that any products you use are completely rinsed off and always use pet-safe or non-toxic detergents. Dry pet beds thoroughly before returning them to your fluffy companions.