Grow houses in Colchester, Essex

Start your seedlings off early with winter protection by choosing one of our grow houses which deliver the best possible start for your crop. Prolonging the length of your growing season can give you the head start you need during the cooler months.

Visit to our garden centre to purchase your grow house and get advice from our experts.

What is a growhouse?

Protecting seedlings from the colder weather of winter and early spring in the safety of a grow house helps to maximise the yield of your plants, something that is particular important for fruit and vegetable plants.

A grow house can range in size and is generally made from transparent material, keeping the internal temperature considerably warmer than the outside temperature during the colder months. This is especially crucial as it can help to protect vulnerable plants.

Brands We Stock

How to use a growhouse

At Poplar Nurseries you will find an extensive selection of growhouses, polytunnels and cloches for you to choose from, plus a varied range of greenhouse accessories such as staging and shelving, autovents, rainwater kits, fixing clips, heaters, shading, fumigators, garden fleeces, bubble wrap and more.

The experienced team at Poplar Nurseries can offer expert advice on how to use your grow house effectively and which plants will benefit the most.