Heathers for Sale in Colchester, Essex

As a large, independent garden centre, Poplar Nurseries is home to a wide variety of heather plants sourced from the UK. Heathers can provide beautiful structure and colour to your garden, and the team at Poplar Nurseries will be more than happy to point you in the right direction.

Why not pop along to Poplar Nurseries on the A120 just outside Colchester, located on Coggeshall Road, Marks Tey, or call 01206 210 374 for more information on the best heathers for your garden?

More about our range of heather plants

At Poplar Nurseries, we primarily stock the Calluna and Erica species of heather plants. Calluna are summer flowering, requiring a moist acidic soil, whereas Erica varieties are lime tolerant and winter flowering.

Calluna heathers are a crucial plant for one of our favourite pollinators. They have been found to harbour a chemical proven to protect bumblebees against a common parasite. These findings highlight how important it is to protect plants such as heathers.

Speak to our team or pop by the nursery to check our stock levels and purchase the heathers you require.

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When to plant heathers in the UK

As a general rule, heathers are best planted in spring, although some varieties can be planted just as effectively in autumn. Winter-flowering heathers, for example, are available from autumn onwards, giving gardeners the opportunity to plant them as winter bedding plants for containers and borders.

Heathers thrive best in sunny positions, producing more vibrant foliage, but will survive and thrive successfully in more shady locations, like under taller trees in the garden.