Grasses and Bamboos for Sale in Colchester, Essex

You will find a comprehensive range of ornamental grasses and bamboos at Poplar Nurseries. The grasses and bamboos that we stock can cater for an array of differing garden conditions and customer requirements.

Whatever it is you are looking for, the team at Poplar Nurseries will be able to help you. Call 01206 210 374 or visit Poplar Nurseries on Coggeshall Road, Marks Tey, just outside Colchester, for more information.

Wide selection of ornamental grasses and bamboo

At Poplar Nurseries, we are proud to offer a wide range of contemporary and popular ornamental grasses to give your garden an on trend look.

Why not take the chance to browse some of our bamboo and grasses range online? Or pop into the Poplar Nurseries garden centre just outside Colchester to get assistance from our friendly team and pick exactly the right grasses and bamboo for your garden project.

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How to plant bamboo and ornamental grasses?

Once you have selected the right bamboo for your garden, prepare a hole twice the size of the root mass. Add some compost into the hole and then position the bamboo, making sure that the root mass is level with the ground surface. Back fill with a mix of soil and compost. Top off with compost before giving it a good watering.

Ornamental grasses are relatively simple to plant. Create a hole the same depth as their original pot, backfill and firm in. Water the new plants well. If your grasses are best suited to dry soil, you can improve the drainage by adding in some horticultural grit before planting.