Hedging Plants for Sale in Colchester, Essex

As well as providing structure to the garden or forming an elegant border on the edge of your outdoor space, a bare root hedge can also provide the perfect habitat for wildlife, particularly nesting birds. For a selection of the best hedging for sale in Colchester, head to Poplar Nurseries, where you can also expect expert advice from our gardening team.

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Poplar Nurseries stocks a wide variety of the best hedge plants

Bare root hedging is available during the winter, and you will find a variety of hedging in stock at Poplar Nurseries in Colchester, Essex, from November at leaf fall time throughout the colder months.

Varieties such as clipped Buxus (Box) or Taxus (Yew) provide a more formal hedge, while other plants that can also be used for hedging include Privet Hedgeplants, Leylandii, Cherry Laurel, Beech Hedge plants as well as Lavender. Poplar Nurseries stocks everything you could wish for to create the right hedging for your garden, as well as offering top tips and expert advice to help you make all the right choices.

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How do I plant a hedge?

Planting a bare root hedge is a very easy and economical way to instantly create an attractive boundary in your garden. The best time to plant hedge plants in your garden is from late autumn through to early spring, the time of year that your bare root hedge plants are in their most dormant state.

Prepare the ground for your planting at least a month in advance by introducing plenty of good-quality compost or organic matter, such as well-rotted garden compost, manure, or composted bark. Working on the soil this far in advance gives the ground an opportunity to settle before you plant your hedge plants.