Climbers for sale in Colchester, Essex

Climbers can be a very versatile and elegant feature of your garden, adding both colour and structure in a variety of different ways. Poplar Nurseries has an excellent selection of climbers that can make a difference to your outdoor space, while our knowledgeable staff are on always on hand to help make sure you leave the store with the right purchase.

To find the perfect climber for your garden, visit Poplar Nurseries on the A120 just outside Colchester, located on Coggeshall Road, Marks Tey, or call 01206 210 374 for more information.

What are climbers?

Climbers make up one of the most versatile plant groups, providing scope for imaginative designs. Grown against a house wall, over pergolas or through an obelisk, climbers bring a strong vertical element to planting schemes. Many provide vibrant flower or foliage colour, while others help to create a more subtle backdrop to the rest of the garden. The more vigorous climbing plants can be used to screen off unsightly fixtures or buildings, or to provide living divides between areas of the garden.

Alternatively, allow a climber to grow unsupported across the ground, which depending on the type used could either act as a rolling blanket of foliage or as a swathe of stunning flower colour. At Poplar Nurseries, we stock in excess of 70 different varieties of climbers for sale in Colchester, Essex, from Hedera, Jasminum and Wisteria to the more unusual Dregea, Sollya, Berberidopsis and Trachelospermum. Browse our range of climbing plants in store or give us a call on 01206 210 374 to check stock levels.

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How to plant climbers

To make sure your climber proves to be a great success in your garden, be sure to plant it correctly. To begin this process, you need to understand the space you plan your climber to take up in the garden, then pick a climber to suit your needs. Some climbers, like Clematis, grow by twining and need suitable support (such as mesh or trellis).

Meanwhile, climbers such as Ivy cling directly to walls or wooden structures and therefore don’t need additional help. You should also select a climber that will grow to the height and width you require and match a climber that prefers sun or shade to a space that suits those requirements. When you plant your climber, make sure your support is already in place, plant in a generous hole that will provide good support and water well.