Conifers for Sale in Colchester, Essex

Conifers are a very popular addition to many gardens, adding lush greens to your landscape and providing excellent screening for your borders.

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What is a conifer?

Conifers are trees with unique, scale-like leaves or needles, easily recognised by their seed-bearing cones. They have become a very popular addition to gardens in the UK due to their useful characteristics. Conifers are mostly evergreen and can grow into significant, often very fast-growing, trees, quickly becoming a bold feature in the garden.

There are also many dwarf varieties available, including numerous effective ground cover plants. Conifers make good hedges too, and the team at Poplar Nurseries have the necessary experience to give you all the tips and advice you need to select the right variety of conifer for you, as well as how to make it a success for your garden.

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When is the right time to prune and trim conifers?

Unlike other woody plants, conifers need very little pruning, except for where green branches appear in trees with coloured or variegated foliage. To trim your conifers effectively, it is important to carefully and gently cut off the outermost branch tips, paying particular attention to any deceased or old branches, if there are any.

The best time to do this is during dormancy, throughout the winter, which will allow your conifers to grow and become fuller when the tree starts to produce new growth come the spring. Be careful not to be overzealous with your pruning as it is possible that the tree will end up with empty patches or leaves may turn brown prematurely. In the worst-case scenario, the tree may even die.