Acers and Japanese Maples for Sale in Colchester, Essex

You will find your pick of a wide selection of acers and Japanese maple for sale in Colchester, Essex at Poplar Nurseries, with over 30 varieties to choose from and in a range of sizes to suit all gardens. These small, deciduous trees are grown for their graceful habit and offer gardens continuous interest with their varied leaf colours, textures and amazing autumn foliage colours.

As many acers grow extremely slowly, they are perfect for a smaller garden or for growing in a large container. Find the perfect fit for your garden at Poplar Nurseries near Colchester, located on Coggeshall Road, Marks Tey.

What soil do acers and Japanese Maples like?

Acers and Japanese maples prefer slightly acidic, sandy, well-drained loamy soils with a good amount of organic matter. Don’t worry if you have not got perfect soil conditions though, as most can be grown in other soils. However, they will not tolerate wet, dry or very alkaline conditions.

Most acers have shallow fibrous root systems that resent competition from other plants, so ensure that they are not too crowded. Mulch every couple of years with well-rotted garden compost or manure. Acers will grow best in a sheltered position however red and purpleleaved types do need some sun to fully develop their dark hues.

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When is the right time to prune acers?

Acers are best pruned when fully dormant (November to early February). This is because maples bleed sap from pruning cuts at other times, which ultimately weakens the tree. Prune with caution and keep your pruning to a minimum.

It is best to try to only remove badly placed or crossing shoots to encourage a good framework of branches to form. Due to the slow growth rate of acers, over time they can be pruned and trained to form fantastic bonsai plants.