Bulbs and Seeds for Sale in Colchester, Essex

Growing from seed is now more popular than ever because it is fun to watch the little seeds slowly emerge from the soil and, with some nurturing, watch them mature into full grown plants.

At Poplar Nurseries we have a large range of bulbs and seeds for sale in Colchester, Essex, to choose from and offer a selection from Thompson & Morgan. This includes their “Urban Gardens” collection and “Duchy Originals”. We also stock Suttons and Kings Seeds. To help grow your seeds successfully we stock a selection of heated and unheated propagators. We have several different sizes of seed and gravel trays and various pricking-out pots and grow tubes – and any other accessories you may need, from greenhouse heaters and soil thermometers to labels and marker pens.

Flowering bulbs are available seasonally.  Spring flowering bulbs (Snowdrops, Daffodils and Tulips etc) are available and planted in autumn and summer flowering bulbs such as Alliums and Lillies are available and planted in the spring.  Bulbs are one of the easiest and most rewarding plants to grow in borders, pots, or in lawns where they will produce colourful displays. 

Our range of spring flowering bulbs are now available and can be planted to produce early displays in 2022.  Click here to read our latest blog which mentions new ... View more

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