Houseplants for Sale in Colchester, Essex

Houseplants are a fantastic addition to your home, helping to reduce carbon dioxide levels, and providing a feeling of tranquility by bringing a little bit of nature inside. On top of their stress-relieving properties, some houseplants are even able to reduce levels of harmful chemicals emitted by furniture, carpets and paint, whilst giving added health benefits.

You’ll find an array of beautiful houseplants for sale at Poplar Nurseries in Colchester, Essex, with our large department stocking a selection of flowering and foliage plants. For expert advice from our friendly team, call 01206 210 374 or visit the centre on the A120 just moments from Colchester, located on Coggeshall Road, Marks Tey.

Poplar Nurseries has a huge range of popular houseplants

At Poplar Nurseries you’ll find a hugely varied range of popular houseplants that can bring colour and vibrancy to your home. There really is something for everyone, from African Violets to Zamioculcas, however don't forget the classics such as Calatheas and Orchids which are some of our customers' favourites!

We endeavour to receive fresh supply of orchids every week, from the ever-popular Phalaenopsis through to more unusual varieties! The great thing about orchids is that they can flower for several months at a time, making them a long-lasting alternative to cut flowers. From ferns to cacti, whatever you are looking for, the team at Poplar Nurseries can help you find the perfect plant for you.

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How do I repot a houseplant?

If you plan to repot a houseplant, the experts at Poplar Nurseries are on hand to provide all the help, advice and materials you need. To repot your houseplant, carefully remove your plant from its current pot – simply turn your new plant sideways, hold it gently by the stems or leaves, and tap the current pot until the plant eases free.

Gently loosen the plant's roots and remove any old potting mix. Add your new potting mix to your new pot and water as required. Then you should be ready to enjoy your houseplant for many more years to come.