Garden Care Products for Sale in Colchester, Essex

It seems that sometimes despite all your best efforts in the garden, something will come along and try to spoil it! That “something” can take several shapes but often comes in the form of bugs and animals, fungal infection and weeds.

At Poplar Nurseries, we stock a variety of garden care products for sale in Colchester, Essex, to help protect your garden.

Bugs and Animals

We have a large selection of pesticides to combat most bug problems that might be spoiling your flowers, fruit and veg. These range from “ready to use” guns to concentrates for large areas of crops that may need spraying. We stock all the market leaders you would expect to find and also offer some alternative methods of pest control, animal deterrents and organic solutions. These include Pest Stop ultrasonic plug-in repellers that cover bugs and mice to deer, and copper tape barrier and slug stop to deter slugs from pots and borders.


We sell a selection of fungicides to combat all the common fungal problems like black spot, mildew and peach leaf curl for your ornamentals, fruit and veg.

Neudorff Nematodes (Biological plant protection)

Nematodes are very small roundworms that can be found in almost every ecosystem on earth. Some species of these tiny creatures are predatory and therefore can be utilised in horticulture for the control ... View more

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