Garden Care in Colchester Essex

It's the nature of gardening that despite all your best efforts, there's always the risk that something will come along and try to spoil it. That “something” can take several forms but often comes in the shape of bugs and animals, fungal infection or weeds. At Poplar Nurseries, we stock a variety of garden care products for sale in Colchester, Essex, to help protect your garden and keep it looking it's best.

Bug and Pest control in Colchester Essex

At Poplar Nurseries we have a large selection of pesticides to combat most bug problems that might be spoiling your flowers, fruit and veg. Within our extensive range of products you will find a great choice of products, from “ready to use” hand sprays through to concentrates for larger areas of crops that may need spraying. You'll find all the market leading brands in stock at Poplar Nurseries, or speak to our team of experts to discuss our range of some alternative methods of pest control, animal deterrents and organic solutions. These include Pest Stop ultrasonic plug-in repellents, which deter everything from mini-beasts to rodents and deer, or copper tape barrier and slug stop to keep slugs away from your pots and borders.

Brands We Stock

Fungicides for sale in Colchester Essex

Visit Poplar Nurseries to discover a wide and varied selection of fungicides in stock, helping you to combat all the common fungal problems you might find troublesome in your garden. Whether you find that you garden plants are blighted by black spot, undermined by mildew or forced to put up with peach leaf curl, take the time to speak to our helpful and knowledgeable team to find the best solution for protecting your garden from these and many more damaging fungal infiltrators. Fungal infections can have a detrimental impact on many different aspects of your garden, damaging your ornamental planting as well as your fruit and vegetable harvests, so make sure your hard work doesn't go to waste and find the best fungicides for your garden at Poplar Nurseries.