Garden Watering Equipment & Accessories in Colchester

With decades of experience in growing and selling plants here at Poplar Nurseries, we understand just how important and how tricky it can be to get watering your garden right. Luckily, there’s a huge variety of incredible products which have been specifically designed to help you make sure you get your watering spot on to help your garden thrive.

At Poplar, we stock a wide range of garden watering equipment including Hozelock products, micro-irrigation systems from GARDENA, a broad selection of water butts from Stewart Plastics and watering cans from Haws.

Get advice on gardening watering systems and more

Conserving water for use in your garden has never been more important, and with many years of experience the team at Poplar Nurseries can give you the best advice on garden watering systems to suit all your requirements.

From harvesting water in the right water butt through to micro irrigation systems to create a time and water efficient way to keep your garden well-watered, you will find all the products and advice you need at Poplar Nurseries.

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How often should I water my garden?

Getting exactly the right balance to watering your garden can be quite a challenge. Whilst most plant failings come as a result of them not getting enough water, particularly for new plantings or during the warmer summer and autumn months, there are also occasions when plants are killed through kindness, with too much water being given. It can also be particularly tricky when you are away from your garden on a well-earned holiday.

The experts at Poplar Nurseries have been helping gardeners get the best from their plants for decades, including getting the watering right. The team can even discuss the option of a programmable irrigation system that with a little planning and fitting, will water everything from your flower beds to your hanging baskets, tubs and containers, giving your plants exactly what they need.