Spring Lawn Care

Create a beautiful lawn that will compliment your garden with our easy step-by-step spring lawn care guide:   


Correct and regular mowing is the most important job.  Grass needs to be cut whenever it is growing and this can be weekly, or even more frequently in spring as the weather warms up.  It is important to mow at the correct height and for most lawns this will be approximately 2.5 - 4cm (1 - 1.5in) high.  If the lawn is prone to a lot of wear and tear the height is best raised to 5cm (2in) and for very shady areas it is best to mow at a height of 7.5cm (3in).  Mowing should not be too short as this will weaken the grass and will very quickly allow weeds and moss to become established.  After mowing, keep lawn edges neat and well shaped by cutting them with a half-moon edging iron.  


The next step is to scarify the lawn to reduce the layers of thatch which is a collection of old moss, debris and dead grass.  The thatch can prevent water and fertiliser from penetrating the grass roots.  Lawn scarifiers are available for this job, or alternatively you can use a simple garden rake.  


Aerating the lawn allows more air, nutrients and water to penetrate the roots of the grass.  This step is the key to having a well maintained lawn and will help it survive through extreme conditions such as drought or waterlogging.  Aerating will also aid drainage so there will be less moss in the lawn.  Use a spike aerator or hollow tine aerator for this job.  

Top Dressing: 

After scarifying and spiking apply a top dressing to improve soil structure and encourage strong root development.  Spread the dressing evenly over the surface of the lawn at two litres per square metre and brush it firmly into the surface using a stiff broom or the back of a rake and water well.  Apply the top dressing when the lawn is dry for best results.

Spring lawn feed:  

Using the right lawn feed at the correct time is very important.  A good lawn fertiliser will encourage the grass to grow thicker, greener and increase its health, making it robust and and more able to complete with weeds, moss and other stresses.  To achieve the best results in spring use a granular feed.  This will supply a regular amount of nutrients over several weeks.  Even application of the granular lawn feed at the recommended rate is important and the easy way to do this is to use a lawn spreader.  Apply a second application of the feed again in six weeks time to keep the lawn strong and healthy all summer.  

You can feed and control weeds and moss in the lawn in spring by using a lawn product such as Evergreen Complete 4 in 1, or for lawns that are free of weeds and moss, EverGreen Extreme Green.  

Dealing With Bare Patches:

If your lawn looks bare and patchy after the winter, a lawn patch repair product can be used such as Miracle-Gro Patch Magic.  Where dogs have caused bare patches Patch Magic Dog Spot Repair can be used which contains a special blend of salt tolerant grass seeds as well as a neutraliser that makes the ground suitable for the grass to grow again.  

Our Poplar Lawn Care Dept:  

Our extensive Poplar Lawn Care Dept contains all of the above mentioned products as well as a range of grass seed to suit all locations.  Please ask a member or our trained staff if you require assistance when you you visit us.