Summer Lawn Care

A beautiful lawn is easily achieved by following our easy lawn care programme.

Mow the lawn on average twice a week during the summer, but drop this to once a week if there are periods of drought.  Mowing the lawn too short will weaken the grass and allow weeds and moss to become established.  The correct mowing height for most lawns is approximately 2.5 - 4cm (1 - 1.5in).  Raise the height to 5cm (2in) for lawns that take a lot of wear and tear.  If the area is very shady mow at a height of 7.5cm (3in).  After mowing, use a half-moon edging iron to cut the lawn edges - this will give a good shape and a neat appearance.  

During periods of dry weather longer blades of grass will retain more moisture and therefore it is best not too mow the lawn too closely at these times to avoid having to continuously water.  If you do need to water use a sprinkler when it is cooler in the early morning or evening to keep the lawn looking lush and green.

Tackling Weeds
Use a selective lawn weedkiller such as Weedol if weeds are the main problem.  This will target the weeds without harming the grass with its special formulation.  Alternatively if weeds and moss are a problem use a quick application of a suitable 4 in 1 lawn care product.  

Feeding The Lawn
If the lawn wasn’t fed in the spring a high nitrogen summer lawn fertiliser can be applied now.  Westland Aftercut All In One is a triple action lawn treatment that creates a stronger lawn and will also control moss and weeds.  Alternatively, Westland SafeLawn is an organic fertiliser with added lawn seed.  It will create a healthier and stronger lawn and prevent weeds and moss.  SafeLawn is made using only natural ingredients and is safe around children and pets.  

Dealing With Bare Patches
If your lawn looks bare and patchy a lawn patch repair product can be used such as Miracle-Gro Patch Magic that has special blend of seed, feed and coir with a binder which stops the seed washing away.  The first shoots appear within just four days.  

Our Poplar Lawn Care Dept
We stock a vast selection of lawn care products including a range of grass seed.  Trained members of staff are also available should you required any assistance.