Supporting local producers for increased sustainability

According to the British Retail Consortium we need collaboration between suppliers and retailers to reduce emissions and combat climate change.  The popularity of shopping locally has increased in recent years.  A study by IBM found almost six in ten people were willing to change their shopping habits to reduce their environmental impact. 

Our Poplar Food Hall and restaurant work closely together to bring you the very best in local produce and delicious home cooked meals.  Many of the items you find on our restaurant menu can be purchased in our Food Hall.  For example, the delicious Dingley Dell sausages that our customers love from our breakfast menu are available exclusively in our Poplar Food Hall.  

(Above: Poplar English breakfast with Dingley Dell sausages)

Based on the East Coast of Suffolk, Dingley Dell are third generation family farmers and brothers who share  a deep love and respect for the countryside and agriculture.  The philosophy of animal welfare, taste and sustainability are the pillars and foundation of their business.  Dingley Dell are committed to farming in harmony with nature and improving the number and variety of species living in and around the farm each year.   Planting nectar mixes in blocks around the farm provides food for insects, butterflies and bees in an area of over thirty-three hectares which is around the size of eighty-three football fields.  The numbers and species of wildlife across all areas of the farm are monitored to allow Dingley Dell to continually assess the positive impact of what they are doing.  In partnership with Direct Meats Dingley Dell aim to feed one million bumblebees which is quite impressive..  At Poplar Nurseries we believe that this type of work is vital for our eco-systems and are delighted to support this business.  

Finest fresh fish: 

(Above: Our fish counter) 

In 2022 our Food Hall introduced a fresh fish counter which quickly became very popular with our customers.  Our fish is sourced sustainably from local boats at Wivenhoe, Clacton, Felixtowe and Brightlingsea so you can be sure that it is always at its freshest.  We are also proud to be working with the Little Fish company in Kelvedon to offer freshly caught fish in both our restaurant and Food Hall.  Owned by a father & son team, their values of locality and sustainability shine through in their high quality produce.

We have also recently honed in to support fishing in British waters and can now offer fish from Cornish waters to support the independent small fisherman.  This week Paul (our Food Hall manager) worked closely with David to stock fish from three day boats called Ajax, Lady Lyn and Manx Ranger.  If fish are caught using trawlers they can sometimes be up to a week old before they reach the shops, but the fish from these day boats are all line caught and delivered straight to us overnight.  You can even track the boats on their journeys by searching the boats name at

Prepared platters: 

(Above: example of prepared platters) 

From small gatherings to large celebrations, our Food Hall offers prepared platters so that you can ensure that your event runs smoothly.  All meals can be catered to specific dietary requirements - just speak with a member of our Food Hall team to discuss your bespoke catering requirements.  We also offer fresh fish platters.  


(Above: example of a fresh fish platter) 

Please note that platters need to be pre-ordered with at least 24 hours notice.

Speciality chocolates: